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March 3, 2017
Fiber Optic Attenuators
March 3, 2017

PLC Splitters


FOPS , Planar Light wave Circuit (PLC) Splitter is a type of optical power management device that is fabricated using silica optical waveguide technology.   It features small size with high reliability wide operating range and good channel

to channel uniformity and is widely used in PON networks to realize optical power splitting

ATC provides whole series of 1 x N Splitter products that are tailor made to specific applications. The splitters meet

Telcordia 1209 and 1221 requirements.

  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Broadband operation
  • Excellent uniformity
  • Low polarization dependant Loss (PDL)
  • Low excess loss and High Performance
  • CATV
  • Data Communication
  • Fiber Optic Equipments and systems
  • GPON Systems






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